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Music as an Integral Part of the School Curriculum

Music education has always been the victim of budget cuts and other forms of curricular restructuring. This puts music as a subject in jeopardy, and deprives students of the opportunity to actually learn music, acquire knowledge,…

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The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.

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Vicky Beeching’s blog is a new resource I’ve just found and want to share with any of you interested.  She has chord charts for her songs as well posted.  She also has built a website called Women in Worship Network that is specifically meant to be a resource for women involved in leading or helping with worship, sharing in an online community with interviews of female artists and songwriters leading worship today.

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Recently I led worship for a youth group’s Fall Retreat in North Carolina.  The retreat’s theme was “We Are a Family,” focusing on the family of Christ and the very specific type of fellowship we find among brothers and sisters in Christ. 

In an effort to bring deeper meaning to their worship experience I took a little adventure around my hometown before the retreat, seeking some images to lay as the background to the worship lyric slides.  I thought since it was their Fall Retreat I could get some cool shots of leaves changing colors, and maybe something related to the songs I’d planned to play.  One of the songs I wanted to focus on is called "Shelter" by Jars of Clay.  It’s based on an old Irish proverb that says it is “in the shelter of each other that we live.”  I thought it fit the theme and sought images relating to shelter, community, autumn etc.  “Footprints” is actually a photo of impressions left in the silt and mud of the river water that leads beneath a bridge, where often homeless people sleep and find shelter.  I was on the bridge looking for a pretty shot of the water and God opened my eyes to the bigger picture.  I shared the story behind the photo with the youth in hopes of bringing some perspective as to what shelter is and can be. 

The “Shelter” photo came from the end of my excursion.  I was headed back to my car when I spotted a bunch of brightly colored birdhouses, randomly placed throughout an old church graveyard in the city.  It’s a funny thought that shelter for the birds is a beautiful decoration outside of the church, and down the street shelter for those who are our brothers and sisters is under a city bridge where we literally pass over people and don’t even know it.

"There is a shelter in the atonement of Christ, in the Fatherhood of God, in the abiding presence of the Comforter."  C.H. Spurgeon

I try to remind myself how I felt the first day I joined an orchestra. I want to be the new guy for the rest of my career.

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Liang Wang, Principal Oboe of the New York Philharmonic on keeping it fresh.

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We’ve had several of you asking about how to get yourself some physical copies of our “Kingdom Come” CDs outside of our weekend Elevation worship experiences. Well now you can. All you need to do is go to the “STORE” section of our site right h

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Well I’m wonderin’ ‘bout the road ahead of me
Wonderin’ ‘bout the things you said to me
Wonderin’ if these dreams will ever do

And I’m wonderin’ ‘bout the way I spend my days
Wonderin’ if it’s even worth the chase
Wonderin’ if they’re stealin’ me from you

~Wonderin’ by TobyMac on his album, Tonight

I’m wondering what’s next.  I claim that I’m excited about the future.  I hold onto the idea that I’m called to do what I’m about to do.  I treasure the fact that this was what I thought was comfortable.  But what if I don’t want to be comfortable anymore?  What if the thought of living comfortably makes me uncomfortable?  What do I do then?  Because I think that’s where I am.

A friend told me today as I explained my future plans, “Well that makes sense.  That’s what usually happens.”  It was heartbreaking to hear.  I don’t think she meant it as demeaning as I received it.  My point is that I don’t want to do something just because it makes sense or because it feels comfortable. 

I made a promise that I would not live a boring life…whatever that means. 

Well, I guess you know you’re living a boring life when you have to question it

Oh guts!

The true life of a believer is one of a longer, more hazardous or uphill pilgrimage, and where you uncover slowly the sort of illumination for your next step. Religious people generally, they freak me out. Honestly, I start twitching when I’m around them. But sometimes, maybe weirdos are the only people who really know they need God.

Bono, in an interview with Michka Assayas in 2004